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End Of Day 6-4-2019 – Carnival Of Resistance, Horowitz Report Done, Thomas’s Future

By: Gary Bauer – – June 4, 2019

This morning, President Trump held a press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May.  According to one CNN commentator, it was a “very warm joint appearance.”  Both leaders acknowledged the importance of our trans-Atlantic alliance.  Trump joked with May several times, even eliciting a few laughs from reporters in the room.

Asked about his vocal left-wing critics, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Trump said, “I really don’t like critics as much as I like and respect people who get things done.”  Trump added that he considered both men to be a “negative force.”

Referring specifically to Mayor Khan, Trump say, “I don’t think he should be criticizing a representative of the United States that can do so much good for the United Kingdom. . .  He’s done a poor job, crime is up [in London], a lot of problems.”

Meanwhile, a big crowd gathered in London to protest Trump’s visit in what was dubbed a “Carnival of Resistance,” and Jeremy Corbyn addressed the demonstrators.

As the leader of Britain’s opposition party, Corbyn could become the next prime minister.  He usually makes news for spewing hatred toward Israel or for defending Hamas and Hezbollah.

Under Corbyn’s leadership, the Labour Party has become so riddled with anti-Semitism that several Jewish party members have resigned in disgust.

Corbyn has boycotted this state visit by President Trump in protest of what he calls Trump’s “human rights violations.”  But he had no problem participating in the state visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping, whose country is built on human rights abuses.  (See below.)

Corbyn and the Muslim mayor of London have both cited Trump’s “Muslim ban” as a reason England should not welcome him.  Of course, there is no “Muslim ban.”

But again, I cannot help but laugh at the irony of their criticism of Trump while the Chinese government is forcing millions of Muslims into concentration camps.

Oh, how I would love to hear a speech right now by Winston Churchill!  By the way, knowing Donald Trump’s deep admiration for Winston Churchill, Theresa May presented Trump with a personal copy of Churchill’s draft of the 1941 Atlantic Charter.

Horowitz Report Done

Rumors are floating around Washington, which Sean Hannity repeated last night, that the long-awaited report by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz regarding potential abuse of the FISA court system is done.

As you may recall, Horowitz has been examining whether high-level officials in the Obama Justice Department used false information to obtain warrants from the super-secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to spy on the Trump campaign.

I hope the Horowitz report will begin the process of revealing details of the deep state plot, but we have been disappointed by the lack of action resulting from such reports.

For example, it’s been over a year since former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired and referred for criminal charges for lying to investigators.  What is happening with this case?  And we just learned that another top former Justice Department official has escaped prosecution.

While I am more confident of the investigation being conducted by U.S. Attorney John Durham, these efforts move like molasses.  The American people deserve to know the truth about the deep state’s meddling in the 2016 elections.

Pompeo Demands Accountability

On the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, the Trump Administration, through Secretary of State Mike Pomepo, issued an extraordinarily powerful statement condemning the communist Chinese regime and demanding accountability for the atrocities it committed.  Below are some excerpts of Pompeo’s statement.

“On June 4, we honor the heroic protest movement of the Chinese people that ended . . . when the Chinese Communist Party leadership sent tanks into Tiananmen Square. . . The number of dead is still unknown. . . The events of thirty years ago still stir our conscience, and the conscience of freedom-loving people around the world. 

“Over the decades that followed, the United States hoped that China’s integration into the international system would lead to a more open, tolerant society. Those hopes have been dashed. China’s one-party state tolerates no dissent and abuses human rights whenever it serves its interests. . .

“We salute the heroes of the Chinese people who bravely stood up thirty years ago in Tiananmen Square to demand their rights. . . We urge the Chinese government to make a full, public accounting of those killed or missing to give comfort to the many victims of this dark chapter of history. . .

“We call on China to release all those held for seeking to exercise [their] rights and freedoms, halt the use of arbitrary detention, and reverse counterproductive policies that conflate terrorism with religious and political expression.”

As Pompeo’s statement notes, trade with China has not changed China.  Persecution is only getting worse, and its new-found wealth through global trade is funding a massive military build-up.

Thomas’s Future

There have been persistent rumors that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas might retire, giving Donald Trump the opportunity to secure his replacement.  I am pleased to report that my good friend Justice Thomas has quashed those rumors.

During an interview yesterday, Thomas said, “People just wanted me to know what I was going to do since I couldn’t figure it out myself. . .  I have no idea where this stuff comes from.”  He jokingly added, “I really don’t have a lot of stress.  I cause stress.”

He also commented on the absurdity of identity politics and the left-wing notion that all blacks are supposed to be liberals.  Thomas said:

“People who will get very upset if someone said all blacks look alike are really comfortable saying all blacks ought to think alike. 

“If you said that blacks should not be allowed to go to a library, you’d be against that.  If you said that blacks couldn’t read certain books in the library, you would say that’s wrong.

“But now we are so comfortable saying that blacks can’t hold some of the ideas in some of the books in the library.  That’s absurd.”

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