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A Time to Come Together

Judge Kavanaugh and Family
By: Kerby Anderson – September 26, 2018

When Justice Kennedy resigned from the Supreme Court, I knew that whoever President Trump chose to replace him was in for a very difficult confirmation process. That’s why I believe this is a critical time for us to be in prayer for our nation, for our leaders, as well as Judge Kavanaugh and his family.

I remember well the confirmation of Justice Thomas and the “high-tech lynching” (his words) that he was put through. Given what is at stake with the shift in the balance of the court, I expected this process to be even more difficult.

It was clear that the Democrats would do everything they could to delay a vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation until after the mid-term elections. If the Democrats are able to retake control of the Senate, they will then claim that a vote should not take place until the newly elected Senators are seated. Of course, once they take control of the Senate, no conservative appointee to the Supreme Court will be confirmed as long as Trump remains president.

Even though I expected things to get ugly, what is happening now goes beyond what I could have imagined. The way this confirmation is being used to further divide our country is shameful.

Please join me in praying for our nation, for healing to bring America back together as one nation. Pray for our Senator’s to put what’s best for the country ahead of their personal opinions and partisan politics. Pray that the truth will come to light and that it will happen quickly. And please pray for Judge Kavanaugh and his young family as they continue to be put through the ringer in this process.

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