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Pray for discernment

Pray for Discernment

President Trump has not yet named his selection for the Supreme Court, but attacks against those on his short list have already begun. Please pray for the American people to have discernment and to see through the lies and misrepresentations that are already beginning.

Case in point, on Monday the @WhyCourtsMatter Twitter account sent the following tweet with an accusation against Judge Amy Coney Barrett:

As a judge, Barrett sided against an African American worker in favor of a company’s “separate-but-equal arrangement,” flying in the face of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Now, she’s up for a seat on our nation’s highest court. #SaveSCOTUS #StopBarrett

Setting aside the fact that the description of the case and its verdict is, shall we say, less than accurate, you would think they would at least find a ruling Judge Barret actually had something to do with!

Not only was she not a part of the three-judge panel that heard the case, she didn’t even take her seat on the Seventh Circuit Court until five months after the case was concluded. The closest she came to having any part in the case was to join the majority of the court in denying to have the full court hear a subsequent appeal.

Whoever is selected to fill Justice Kennedy’s seat is in for a brutal confirmation process. Please pray for the American people, including our Senators who will vote to confirm the nominee, to have discernment to sort out the truth from the misinformation campaign that is coming.

Pray that God will bless the nation with a good justice that will protect our freedoms and values that are embodied in the constitution.

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