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left_flag Friday, December 6
Friday, December 6, 2019

In the first hour, our host Kerby Anderson reviews the week. For today’s Weekend Edition, Dr. Merrill Matthews and Chelsey Youman join Kerby to talk about issues ranging from impeachment and abortion to the Federal budget.

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Friday, December 6, 2019

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Kerby Anderson
Kerby Anderson
Host, Point of View Radio Talk Show

Kerby Anderson is the President of Probe Ministries and host of Point of View Radio Talk Show. He holds masters degrees from Yale University (science) and Georgetown University (government). He also serves as a visiting professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and has spoken on dozens of university campuses including University of Michigan, Vanderbilt University, Princeton University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Colorado…

Dr. Merrill Matthews
Resident Scholar | Writer - Institute for Policy Innovation
Merrill Matthews, Ph.D., is a resident scholar with the Institute for Policy Innovation, a research-based, public policy “think tank.” He is a health policy expert and weekly contributor at He also serves as Vice Chairman of the Texas Advisory Committee of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

Dr. Matthews is a past president of the Health Economics Roundtable for the National Association for Business Economics, the largest trade association of business economists. Dr. Matthews also served for 10 years as the medical ethicist for the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center’s Institutional Review Board for Human Experimentation, and has contributed chapters to several books, including Physician Assisted Suicide: Expanding the Debate and The 21st Century Health Care Leader and, in 2009, Stop Paying the Crooks (on Medicare fraud).

He has been published in numerous journals and newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Barron’s, USA Today, Forbes magazine and the Washington Times. He was an award-winning political analyst for the USA Radio Network.

Dr. Matthews received his Ph.D. in Humanities from the University of Texas.
Chelsey Youman
Chelsey Youman
Texas State Director & National Legislative Advisor - Human Coalition
Chelsey Youman, Esq., is Texas State Director & National Legislative Advisor for the Human Coalition. Human Coalition answers a common call: to do all they can to remove the stain of abortion from America. They are not simply against abortion, they are for life.

Formerly with First Liberty Institute, after working for a law firm in private practice, Youman received her Juris Doctor from Southern Methodist University, where she was a Dean’s Scholarship Recipient. She was also a member of the Board of Advocates, where she successfully argued in off-campus mock trial competitions, and was a member of the Aggie Law Society and SMU Christian Legal Society. During law school, she clerked for the Consumer Protection Division in the Office of the Attorney General of Texas and Liberty Institute.
Nancy Pelosi
Democrats Ready to Impeach

By: Lisa Mascaro & Mary Clare Jalonick - - December 5, 2019 On Wednesday, Pelosi met behind closed doors with her Democratic caucus, asking, ”Äre you ready?” The answer was a resounding yes, according to those …

sen-warren speaks in-salem nh
Democrats on Abortion

By: Alexandra Desanctis - - December 4, 2019 Presidential hopefuls answered questions from the New York Timesoutlining their support for nearly unlimited abortion rights. The New York Times has released the results from a set of questions …

Drug Price Controls

By: Derek Hunter - - December 5, 2019 The idea of price controls is an easy sell to people who don’t know any better. But history has repeatedly shown they not only don’t work, they’re …

Is AARP A Just For-Profit Insurance Company?

By: Jon Decker & Phil Kerpen - - December 3, 2019 The AARP recently hosted a forum that included Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar ostensibly to discuss proposals to lower health care costs. The …

Cutting Federal Budget
Cutting Federal Budget

By: Merrill Matthews - - December 3, 2019 We say “easy” only because the mechanics of cutting $640 billion from the federal budget wouldn’t be hard. Politically, it would be extremely difficult because taxpayers and the …

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