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left_flag Monday, December 9
Monday, December 9, 2019

Today Dr. Merrill (Buddy) Matthews is our guest host and he’s going to have a super, busy show!

During the first hour Buddy’s guests join him in-studio and are Bunni Pounds & Trayce Bradford. They’ll talk about “Christians Engaged.” Buddy’s next guest is Dan Pilla. They’ll discuss the IRS and year-end planning. In the final hour Buddy welcomes Beverly Gossage. They’ll have a lively discussion about healthcare reform.

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Monday, December 9, 2019

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Dr. Merrill Matthews
Resident Scholar - Institute for Policy Innovation

Merrill Matthews, Ph.D., is a resident scholar with the Institute for Policy Innovation, a research-based, public policy “think tank.” He is a health policy expert and weekly contributor at He also serves as Vice Chairman of the Texas Advisory Committee of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Dr. Matthews is a past president of the Health Economics Roundtable for…

Bunni Pounds show page
Bunni Pounds
Speaker | Political Consultant | Motivational speaker
Growing up a Pastor’s kid, Bunni had religion but she didn’t have life. At the age of 13 and 14, God met her in such powerful ways that she was ruined for “ordinary” Christian living and saw the power of the simple gospel.
A graduate of Christ for the Nations Bible Institute and later Dallas Baptist University, Bunni has been active in Christian ministry since she was a teenager – leading worship, songwriting, teaching the Bible, pastoring, doing missions and evangelism.

She finished her political science degree at the age of 32 as a homeschooling mom. Starting her political career as the campaign manager for U.S. Congressman Jeb Hensarling for over 8 years, she then launched her own firm, Bunni Pounds & Associates in 2015 to help elected officials and candidates throughout Texas.
At the end of 2017 when her former boss, Congressman Jeb Hensarling, announced his retirement from Congress, Bunni desperately tried to find a qualified and principled conservative leader to fill his shoes. Coming up short – she felt a call to run herself and plunged herself into a Congressional race that she never saw coming.
In the end – she made it through a field of 8 primary candidates into the Republican Primary runoff - a race of just two people - but came up slightly short.

Married for 23 years to Tim Pounds, they have 2 young adult sons – Israel, married to their Romanian daughter-in-law Teo, and Ben, who is about to marry Giulia, originally from Brazil.
Bunni’s greatest calling is to lead people into an intimate daily walk with Jesus. Through her adventures of walking with Jesus, He has opened doors for her to be a voice to our nation and the nations of the earth.
Trayce Bradford Show Page
Trayce Bradford
President - Texas Eagle Forum
Trayce is a mother of seven beautiful children, wife of twenty-nine years and a faithful citizen of these United States of America. Trayce is President of Texas Eagle Forum and served as president for Dallas Eagle Forum for 4 years. Additionally, she founded Tarrant County Eagle Forum in 2012. Trayce has a passion for biblical truth, self government, the preservation of life, and the freedoms mandated by the Constitution. Trayce has been recognized and presented an award by Phyllis Schlafly as the Texas Eagle, as wells receiving the Patriots Award from Center For Security Policy. During her time as president with Dallas and Tarrant County Eagle Forum, they hosted an United States Senatorial Forum that included all six candidates and also educated members on critical subjects such as Pro-Life issues, religious liberties human-trafficking and security for our Texas Grid to name a few. Preparing for the 2013, 2015 and 2017 Texas legislative sessions, Trayce actively campaigned and developed relationships with a number of members in the Texas Senate and House. Prior to her active involvement in government and politics, Trayce led several prayer teams, most notably Dallas Prayer Coordinator for Promise Keepers for 10 years. She continues to lead and participate in intercessory prayer teams for our country, political leaders and pastors. As a graduate of Texas A&M, Trayce earned a Marketing Degree leveraging those skills to influence her children and friends to get involved and make a difference in this world. Currently, she home schools her two youngest children, ages 10 and 16, and graduated her five oldest children, ages 20 to 28.
Christians Engaged Logo
Christians Engaged
Christians Engaged exists to awaken, motivate, educate, and empower ordinary believers in Jesus Christ to:

* PRAY for our nation and elected officials regularly
* VOTE in every election to impact our culture
* ENGAGE our hearts in some form of POLITICAL ACTIVISM for the furtherance of our nation
Dan Pilla Show Page
Dan Pilla
Founder & Executive Director - Tax Freedom Institute, Inc.
For over three decades, Dan Pilla has been the nation’s leader in taxpayers’ rights defense and IRS abuse prevention and cure. Regarded as one of the country’s premiere experts in IRS procedures and general financial problems resolution techniques, he has helped hundreds of thousands of citizens solve personal and business tax and financial problems they thought might never be solved. As the author of 14 books, dozens of research reports and hundreds of articles, Dan’s work is regularly featured on radio and television as well as in major newspapers, leading magazines and trade publications nation-wide. Dan is a frequent guest on numerous talk radio programs where he is heard by millions of people each year. His fast-paced interviews provide hard-hitting answers to even the toughest questions. His many media appearances include CNN, CBS, CNBC, Fox News, CSPAN, the CBS Radio Network, the USA Radio Network and many others. His books have been recommended by prominent magazines and financial publications such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Money, Family Circle, Investor’s Business Daily and more. Dan has written or contributed to major articles for Reader’s Digest, National Review, Reason, USA Today Magazine and others. The Associated Press once commented that “Dan Pilla probably knows more about the IRS than the commissioner.” The Wall Street Journal ranked his book, The IRS Problem Solver, as the number one tax book in America. Dan was a consultant to the National Commission on Restructuring the IRS. He works with numerous public policy research institutes and presented testimony to Congress on several occasions. His testimony to the Senate Finance Committee blew the lid off IRS abuse and led to many new taxpayers’ rights and protections. He was a member of the Editorial Board of the Road Map to Tax Reform Project, which drove the Bush Administration’s tax reform agenda. Dan is admitted to practice before the United States Tax Court and is enrolled to practice before the IRS. Dan is also the Executive Director of the Tax Freedom Institute, Inc., a national association of tax professionals.
Beverly Gossage Show Page
Beverly Gossage
Founder & President of HSA Benefits Consulting - Senior Fellow for IWV President | Legislative Chair GKCAHU
Beverly Gossage is a former educator with 15 years’ experience as a health insurance agent licensed in nearly half the states and founder and President of HSA Benefits Consulting. She is a respected national expert on health care policy-related issues and a sought-after speaker. She received national recognition as an innovator in consumer driven health care. She is a Senior Fellow for Independent Women’s Voice. In addition to servicing her insurance clients, Beverly devotes many hours a day to causes that she is passionate about.

Beverly recently met with the Trump White House health reform staff. She has conducted Capitol Hill briefings in DC, testified on free market health care policy in several states, and assisted in crafting policy, including HB818 in Missouri and HB2107 in KS. Her expertise in health care is often sought by many state and federal Congressmen. President Trump’s administration seeks her advice, including the Ways and Means Committee, Health and Human Services and Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. She is currently working with Rick Santorum and a team of grassroots organizations to craft a health care bill to send more autonomy to the states to combat the negative effects of the ACA and to enhance HSAs. She is working with physician groups on a bipartisan effort to end government authorized kickbacks to reduce the price of prescription drugs and a bill to enable more pro bono medical services without using government funding.

Beverly and her husband Robert of 49 years have four children and three grandsons and are active in their local church.
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