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Monday, March 14, 2016

Today on Point of View, Kerby welcomes to the show Gene Green author and professor of New Testament at Wheaton College and Graduate School, he discusses his Ordinary Theology Series made up of The Scalpel and the Cross, Cities of Tomorrow, The Political Disciple and Faithful.

In the last segment of the first hour we are joined by Christy Wilson Beam who is the author of the book, Miracles from Heaven: A Little Girl, Her Journey to Heaven, and Her Amazing Story of Healing which is also due for release as a movie later this week.

In the second hour we hear from best-selling author and coauthor Dillon Burroughs, who discusses his book, Faith Acts: A Provocative Call to Live What You Believe

Kerby Anderson
Kerby Anderson
Point of View Radio Talk Show Host

Kerby Anderson has more than 30 years of experience in ministry and currently serves as the President of Probe Ministries as well as Host of Point of View Radio Talk Show. He graduated from Oregon State University and holds masters degrees from Yale University (science) and Georgetown University (government). He is the author of thirteen books including Signs of Warning…

Gene Green
Author | Professor of NT - Wheaton
Gene L. Green (PhD, Kings College, Aberdeen University) . Before coming to Wheaton in 1996, he served for over a decade as professor of New Testament as well as Academic Dean and Rector of the Seminario ESEPA in San José, Costa Rica. He is the author of two commentaries in Spanish, 1 Pedro y 2 Pedro (Caribe) and 1 y 2 Tesalonicenses (Portavoz), and English commentaries on 1 and 2 Thessalonians (Pillar Series, Eerdmans) and 2 Peter and Jude (BECNT, Baker). His special research interest is the intersection of the Christian faith and cultures, both ancient and contemporary. Gene has pastored and taught in churches in the United States and Latin America since 1972. He also serves on the board of John Stott Ministries.
Ordinary Theology Series
As a part of Zondervan’s Ordinary Theology series, The Scalpel and the Cross recounts New Testament professor Gene Green’s encounter with open-heart surgery and carefully examines the many ways in which Christian doctrine spoke into the experience. The result is a short book that avoids shallow explanations and glib promises, instead guiding readers to deeper understanding and enduring hope in the face of one of modern life’s necessary traumas.
Christy Wilson Beam
Christy Wilson Beam was born and raised in Abilene, Texas. She graduated from Hardin Simmons University in 1995 with a degree in Education and specialization in Reading. Christy now resides near Burleson, Texas with her husband,Kevin and their three daughters, Abby, Annabel and Adelynn. Christy and her family witnessed a live miracle through their daughter Annabel. It is because of God's unending mercies and faithfulness that Christy felt the story of this miracle must be told. MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN describes in detail the events surrounding a young girl’s trials, a mother’s heartache, a family's devastation, and a miraculous heaven-sent healing that occurred through the most unusual circumstances. Christy Beam’s uplifting memoir is a testament to faith and family, and a balm for any soul longing to know the powerful reality of God’s love.
Dillon Burroughs
Author |Co-founder - Relevant Hope
Dillon Burroughs is a best-selling author and coauthor of more than thirty books on issues of spirituality and culture. Known for his collaborative efforts with faith-based leaders, his works range from editing The Apologetics Study Bible for Students to serving behind the scenes for some of today’s New York Times best-selling authors.

In addition to his writing and editing, he currently serves as a board member and on-site pastor of a “homeless church” movement in Chattanooga. He is the co-founder of Relevant Hope, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the poor and homeless. He fulfills his pastoral role through preaching and teaching at several homeless camps on a weekly basis. He disciples and mentors individuals who participate in the church services and networks with like-minded ministries and churches nationwide who serve the homeless population.
Faith Acts: A Provocative Call to Living What You Believe
Most Christians say they believe the Bible, but how many actually live like it? Faith Acts, a provocative and practical look at James 1:22, uses scriptural and personal ministry insights to show how authentic faith is based on how we apply the Bible not on how much we claim we believe it. Including real-life stories from one of the fastest-growing homeless churches in America, you'll see how the hope of Christ can change the worst of circumstances when ordinary believers commit to the principles of God’s Word and “do what it says.”
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