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left_flag Thursday, May 26
Thursday, May 26, 2016

Our  guest host today is Allen West, joining Allen in-studio is NCPA Senior Fellow David Grantham, they will discuss national security and the importance of the Texas electrical grid in protecting the U.S.

Devon Herrick (NCPA Senior Fellow) tells us more about the NCPA’s new agenda for health care reform that was recently released in a study.

Meloni McDanie, president and CEO of TEXO, The Construction Association also joins us in-studio and she discusses economic growth and the construction industry’s role.

Allen West
Allen West

National Center for Policy Analysis CEO Allen West was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia in the same neighborhood where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once preached. He is the third of four generations of military servicemen in his family. During his 22 year career in the United States Army, Lieutenant Colonel West served in several combat zones: in Operation…

David Grantham
Financial Crisis Initiative Project Manager - National Center for Policy Analysis
David A. Grantham, Ph.D., is an NCPA senior fellow and project manager for the NCPA's Financial Crisis Initiative. He is an expert in U.S. national security issues and Latin American and Middle Eastern politics and economy. Dr. Grantham’s work has been featured in the Journal of Transatlantic Studies, History Compass, Townhall and the Daily Caller, among others, and is also a graduate of the University of Texas’ Arabic Summer Language Institute.

Prior to his work at NCPA, Dr. Grantham served as an officer in the United States Air Force and as a Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). While on active duty, Dr. Grantham conducted and managed criminal, counterintelligence, and counter-terrorism investigations and operations, both stateside and abroad. Dr. Grantham oversaw investigations as Operations Officer at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota and led operations to prevent foreign exploitation of military technology as Chief of Research and Technology Protection in Arlington, Texas. Dr. Grantham also deployed to Afghanistan and Camp Bucca, Iraq (2006) and Baghdad, Iraq (2008) in support of AFOSI counterintelligence operations.

Dr. Grantham holds a PhD in history from Texas Christian University and a Master of Science in International Relations from Troy University. He earned his Bachelor of Art in History from University of South Florida in 2004.
Devon Herrick
Senior Fellow - National Center for Policy Analysis
Devon Herrick, Ph.D., is a preeminent expert on 21st century medicine, including the evolution of Internet-based medicine, consumer driven health care and key changes in the global health market. He was among the first health policy analysts to identify and publish in-depth policy reports on consumerism in health care, including: medical tourism, telemedicine, retail clinics, concierge medical practices, cosmetic medicine, "shopping for drugs" strategies and value-based health plan design. He has researched personal technology and medical aps that empowers patients to better manage their medical needs.

Dr. Herrick’s expertise includes a variety of critical health care issues, such as health insurance and the uninsured, patient empowerment, and trends in federal and state health policy reform. He has conducted about 100 cutting-edge research projects for the NCPA.

Dr. Herrick received a Master of Public Affairs and a Ph.D. in Political Economy from the University of Texas at Dallas. Dr. Herrick's dissertation research examined patient empowerment through empirical analysis of the Internet and disease advocacy. He also holds advanced degrees in business and finance.
Melonie McDaniel
President and CEO - TEXO, The Construction Association
Meloni McDaniel is President and CEO of TEXO, The Construction Association. McDaniel’s experience includes construction, architecture and business development along with working for, and now leading, one of the largest construction associations during a robust DFW construction economy. TEXO is the largest commercial construction association in North Texas with members’ combined annual revenues of more than $9 billion.

McDaniel has been with TEXO since October 2013 and led the member programs and services efforts until her promotion to President/CEO in March 2015. She has played a key role in the success and growth of TEXO.

She attended the University of Oklahoma and majored in Architecture with a minor in Construction Science Management. Graduating in 2005, she went to work full-time for Dallas based firm, The Beck Group. She has a vast network, and is the current Chair of the Ft. Worth Society of American Military Engineers Post. McDaniel is a licensed architect in the state of Texas, is passionate about advancing the construction industry and is active with the Young Women’s Leadership Academy, which focuses on STEM education.
Economic Growth Policies and the Construction Industry in North and East Texas
There is a saying in Texas, “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as quick as I could.” That phenomena of population growth can certainly be evidenced in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. With a population boom comes increases in economic growth and expansion affecting other sectors of development. We have seen in Texas how economic growth policies can attract businesses and corporations. That results in greater demands placed upon a particular industry, particularly the construction component.
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