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left_flag Wednesday, June 9
Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Today on our show, Kerby will talk to Gary Chapman and then Rob Jenkins. But first Kerby shares what’s happening in the US and around the world. Dr. Gary Chapman joins Kerby to discuss his new book, Life Lessons and Love LanguagesRob Jenkins is an author and writes for Town Hall. He and Kerby will talk about his recent commentary on False Narratives.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

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Kerby Anderson
Kerby Anderson
Host, Point of View Radio Talk Show

Kerby Anderson is the President of Probe Ministries and host of Point of View Radio Talk Show. He holds masters degrees from Yale University (science) and Georgetown University (government). He also serves as a visiting professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and has spoken on dozens of university campuses including University of Michigan, Vanderbilt University, Princeton University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Colorado…

Dr. Gary Chapman
Author | Speaker | Pastor | Counselor
Gary Chapman, Ph.D.—author, speaker, pastor, and counselor—has a passion for people, and for helping them form lasting relationships. Chapman is a well-known marriage counselor and director of marriage seminars. The 5 Love Languages® is one of Chapman’s most popular titles, topping various bestseller charts for years, selling over twenty million copies, and has been on the New York Times best-sellers list continuously since 2007. Chapman has been directly involved in real-life family counseling for more than 30 years, and his nationally syndicated radio programs air nationally on Moody Radio Network and over 400 affiliate stations.
Life Lessons and Love Languages: What I've Learned on My Unexpected Journey
In Life Lessons and Love Languages, you’ll look behind the curtain for a glimpse of Gary’s life, from his upbringing in Small Town, USA to becoming a bestselling author and international speaker. What makes him tick may surprise you!

In Gary’s story, you’ll discover five great influences that shaped his, and most of our lives: home, education, marriage, children, and vocation. Even if you don’t experience each influence yourself, you’ll benefit from seeing how these pillars of human society work together to form productive individuals. Getting to know Gary will be a lot of fun. But getting to know yourself and how the world works is a gift that this small-town kid doesn’t want you to miss.
Rob Jenkins
Writer | Professor | Author
Rob Jenkins is a 35-year veteran of higher education as a professor and former administrator. A regular contributor to several national and regional publications, he is also the author of six books, including Think Better, Write Better (2019).
Dr. Fauci with NIH mask
Know When the Narrative Is False

I know what you’re thinking: This should be the world’s shortest column, right? If it comes from the “mainstream,” “legacy,” or “corporate” media—whichever term you prefer—it’s probably false.

Biden speaks at Presidential Podium
Fixing Roads and Bridges Doesn’t Cost $2 Trillion

The Biden White House is furiously trying to cajole congressional Republicans into signing off on his $2 trillion "infrastructure bill."

High School students at tables
Best Thing Americans Can Do

The most frequent question people pose to me is: What can I/we do to fight back against the nihilistic anti-American destruction of virtually all the country's major institutions?

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