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Email AT&T about HBO’s Series “Euphoria”

HBO's Euphoria

Euphoria is likely the most sexually graphic program ever aired on a television network. HBO’s drama about teen sex, violence, and drug use is so graphic one of the stars quit mid-shoot. The description of the program sounds like it’s describing a pornographic movie, which in essence this is. However, it is on the HBO network and is targeted toward teens.

HBO is owned by Texas-based AT&T and you can use the system below to send an email to AT&T’s CEO, Randall Stephenson, to ask that they not air this program. The system requires your name and email address to ensure that you are a real person to protect the integrity of the campaign. Please take a moment to send your email and encourage others to contact Mr. Stephenson. Based on past experience, once a network has crossed a line like this, others will certainly follow.

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