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2021 Year End


America needs light. 

Right now, only 9% of professing Christians in the United States hold a biblical worldview. People need clear biblical teaching and practical guidance, and too many aren’t finding it.

You can give Americans truth and clarity by donating to Point of View. And when you give today, your gift will be multiplied by a $117,000 matching challenge!

When you give to Point of View, a 100% listener-supported daily radio talk show and ministry, you are…

  • Providing more Americans with reliable news and information from a biblical perspective
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  • Inspiring millions of Americans to take action on today’s most important issues

When one candle is lit—even if it’s a small flame—it can light others. As that flame spreads, complete darkness becomes light.

Will you light a candle today by giving to Point of View, so that together, we can spread more truth in 2022?

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