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November 28, 2023

Today's host is our own Kerby Anderson. His first guest is Dr. Jerry Newcombe. They'll talk about the documentary "What if the Bible Had Never Been Written?" Kerby's second hour guest is author Tim Elmore. They'll …

Jerry Newcombe Show Page
Jerry Newcombe, DMin
Author | Columnist | Senior Producer & On-Air Host - DJKM Ministries Truth that Transforms
Tim Elmore Show Page
Dr. Tim Elmore
Author | Founder & CEO - Growing Leaders, Inc.
November 27, 2023

Yet another great Monday! Our own Kerby Anderson will host. In the first hour, Kerby welcomes back Doug Groothuis. Dr. Groothuis continues his discussion on, World Religions in Seven Sentences (Episode 5 of 7). Then …

Douglas Groothuis Show Page
Doug Groothuis, PhD
Author | Speaker
Joel Rosenberg Show Page
Joel C. Rosenberg
Author | Speaker
November 24, 2023

Join our host, Kerby Anderson as His first guest is Curtis Chang. He and Kerby will discuss his new book, The Anxiety Opportunity being released TODAY. In the second hour, Kerby will talk on the …

Curtis Chang Show Page
Curtis Chang
Author | Podcast Host | Speaker | Senior Fellow at Fuller Theological Seminary - Consulting Faculty at Duke Divinity School
Nancy Pearcey Show Page
Nancy Pearcey
Author | Speaker | Professor - Houston Baptist University
Jonathan Teague Show Page
Jonathan Teague, DEdMin
Minister to Married Adults - Prestonwood Baptist Church
Joshua Barnes Show Page
Joshua Barnes, MTh
Pastor | YouTube Host - The Bible Explained
Richard Lim Show Page
Richard Lim
Writer | Speaker | Blogger | Historian
Melissa Cain Travis, PhD
Author | Graduate Studies Educator - Colorado Christian University’s Lee Strobel Center
Jennifer Hall Rivera, EdD
Director of Educational Programs - Answers in Genesis
Penna Dexter
Co-Host - Point of View Radio Talk Show
Kelly Shackelford
President | CEO | Chief Counsel - First Liberty Institute