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September 30, 2022

Join our host, Kerby Anderson, as he and his from First Liberty Institute, Jeff Mateer and Jeremy Dys, bring us the Weekend Edition. They will cover the topics that affect you. It's going to be a …

Jeff Mateer Show Page
Jeff Mateer
Executive Vice President | Chief Legal Officer - First Liberty Institute
Jeremy Dys Show Page
Jeremy Dys
Special Counsel for Litigation and Communications - First Liberty Institute
September 29, 2022

A very exciting show today. Host Kerby Anderson will speak with author, professor, and teacher, Dr. Sean McDowell. Sean has a new book, A Rebel's Manifesto. Then Kerby welcomes investigative filmmaker, Tim Mahoney. They'll talk about his new film …

Sean McDowell
Sean McDowell, PhD
Author | Professor | Teacher
Timothy Mahoney Show Page
Timothy Mahoney
Director | Founder - Thinking Man Films
Jonathan Teague Show Page
Jonathan Teague, DEdMin
Minister to Married Adults - Prestonwood Baptist Church
Robert Knight Show Page
Robert Knight
Columnist | Author - Washington Times
Max Lucado
Author | Pastor - Oak Hills Church
Chuck Bentley
Host of My MoneyLife | Author | Speaker - CEO of Crown Financial Ministries
Lt. Col. Allen West, Ret.
Former Congressman | Author | Speaker - Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas
Gary Bauer
President - American Values