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Friday, November 27, 2020

A very exciting show today. Host Kerby Anderson will talk author, professor, and teacher, Dr. Sean McDowell. Sean also has a great new book,  So The Next Generation Will Know. Then Kerby will speak with Erick Schenkel, …

Sean McDowell
Sean McDowell
Author | Professor | Teacher
Erick Schenkel
Author | Executive Director - The JESUS Film Project
Skip Heitzig, DD, PhD
Pastor | Teacher | Author - Calvary Church
November 25, 2020

Kerby Anderson hosts today's show. He will spend some time bringing us the news. Then he welcomes Daniel Ray into the studio. They'll speak with Apologist, Astrophysicist, and Author, Sarah Salviander about science, faith, and apologetics. …

Jerry Newcombe Show Page
Jerry Newcombe
Best Selling Author | Senior Producer | On-Air Host and Columnist - D. James Kennedy Ministries
Sarah Salviander
Apologist | Astrophysicist | Author
November 26, 2020

Welcome to Point of View with host Kerby Anderson. In the first hour Kerby talks with Dr. James Merritt. Dr. Merritt has a new book that we all need to read, "Character Still Counts: It Is …

James Merritt Show Page
James Merritt, PhD
Pastor | Author | Past President of SBC - Host of Touching Lives
Robert J. Hutchinson Show Page
Robert J. Hutchinson
Scholar | Author | Speaker
Haydn Shaw Show Page
Haydn Shaw
Speaker | Author | Consultant
Joël Malm
Teaching Pastor | Speaker | Author | Founder - Summit Leaders
Ben Scripture, PhD

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