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May 27, 2022

Welcome to our Weekend Edition with host Kerby Anderson. He'll be joined in studio by our own Penna Dexter, and from First Liberty, President, CEO, and Chief Counsel, Kelly Shackelford. Topics for discussion include current Supreme Court cases, …

Kelly Shackelford Show Page
Kelly Shackelford
President | CEO | Chief Counsel - First Liberty Institute
Penna Dexter
Penna Dexter
Co-Host - Point of View Radio Talk Show
May 23, 2022

On Point of View today, our host Kerby Anderson brings us an update from the weekend. In the second hour, Kerby is joined by Brian Zahnd, author of the new book, When Everything's on Fire: Faith …

Brian Zahnd Show Page
Brian Zahnd
Author | Founder & Lead Pastor - Word of Life Church, St. Joseph, MO
May 24, 2022

Kerby Anderson hosts today's show. His guest is Danita Jenae. She is a young mom and recent military widow. And she'll be sharing her book, "When Mountains Crumble: Rebuilding Your Life After Losing Someone You …

Danita Jenae Show Page
Danita Jenae
Author | Speaker | Poet | Artist | Mom | Military Widow
Mitch Glaser Show Page
Mitch Glaser, PhD
President - Chosen People Ministries
Dick Armey
Economist | Politician | Consultant | Advisor | Lobbiest | Author
Gregory Jantz, PhD
Founder - The Center • A Place of HOPE