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Friday, February 16, 2018

Today's show is our Weekend edition. We will have Kerby hosting with Kelly Shackelford and Chelsey Youman from First Liberty. They'll be talking with Kyle Drennen about the Florida school shooting during the first hour. …

Kelly Shackelford
Kelly Shackelford
President and CEO - First Liberty Institute
Chelsey Youman
Chief of Staff and Counsel - First Liberty Institute
Kyle Drennen
Kyle Drennen
Senior News Analyst - The Media Research Center
February 14, 2018

Dr. Nick Pitts is the host of today's Millennial Roundtable. He is joined by Kerby Anderson and Dr. Brent Taylor. They will talk about Valentines Day and the beginning of the Easter season, about what's trending in the …

Kerby Anderson
Host - Point of View Radio
Dr. Brent Taylor
Pastor | Speaker - Church at the Fields
February 15, 2018

During the first part of the show Kerby will welcome Carol Sewell & Tom DeWeese. They'll have a lot to discuss regarding The Education Crisis. During the second hour Bill Mounce joins Kerby to answer questions about Bible translating. Call …

Carol Sewell Show Page
Carol Sewell
Political Activist, Author, Founder - Generation to Generation
Tom DeWeese
Author, Editor, Founder and President - American Policy Center
Ryan Sitton Show Page
Ryan Sitton
Railroad Commissioner - State of Texas
Debbie Wuthnow
Director of Operations - Heritage Alliance
Robert Brown
Constitution Expert - The New American
Robert Knight
Senior Fellow - American Civil Rights Union
Travis Weber
Director - Center for Religious Liberty
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