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April 19, 2024

Welcome to our Weekend Edition with host Kerby Anderson. His co-hosts are First Liberty Institute's Kelly Shackelford and IPI's Dr. Merrill "Buddy" Matthews. Topics for discussion include freedom to worship and pray, our 4 main …

Kelly Shackelford Show Page
Kelly Shackelford
President | CEO | Chief Counsel - First Liberty Institute
Merrill (Buddy) Matthews, PhD
Resident Scholar - Institute for Policy Innovation
April 18, 2024

Kerby Anderson hosts today's show. After a couple of segments when he brings us today's news, his first guest is Dorothy Logan. She shares her book, The Unraveling: The American Fabric Undone. Kerby's second guest is …

Dorothy Logan Show Page
Dorothy Logan
Author | Speaker | Founder - Freedom Academy with Dorothy
George Barna
Professor & President of CRC - Arizona Christian University
April 17, 2024

Kerby Anderson hosts today's exciting show. It's going to be especially good. After sharing highlights from the day's top stories, Melissa Cain Travis joins Kerby by phone to share "Christianity and the So-Called ‘Dark Ages." …

Melissa Cain Travis Show Page
Melissa Cain Travis, PhD
Author | Graduate Studies Educator - Colorado Christian University’s Lee Strobel Center
Luke Smallbone Show Page
Luke Smallbone
Singer | Songwriter | Musician - For King and Country
Robert Morgan Show Page
Robert J. Morgan, DDiv
Writer | Author | Speaker | Teaching Pastor - The Donelson Fellowship
Don Feder
Writer | Speaker | Creator - Demographic Winter Resource Center
Nate Pickowicz
Author and Editor | Pastor - Harvest Bible Church
Nancy French
Author | Investigative Journalist