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2018 Political Wish List

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By John Zmirak  – stream.org – January 1, 2018

I dream that in 2018 we’ll see Justice Ginbsurg retire. And Pope Francis. And zero funding for Planned Parenthood, plus a pro-life president of Mexico.

Last time I urged the reader to prayer with my list of the “big three” bad events I hope we don’t undergo in 2018. So it only makes sense to start by listing my hope that none of those catastrophes happen. Instead, I hope and pray that:

We avoid war with North Korea, and that its wicked leader is ousted by some patriotic general who values his countrymen’s lives over the idolatrous cult of Juche. He can start a process of “reform” which will sooner rather than later bring down that regime. The union of the two Koreas will be much more painful and expensive than the reunion of the Germanies. But it will rescue millions from tyranny and the brink of starvation — and let the Gospel free in that tortured land.
Donald Trump rejects amnesty for DACA recipients and “DREAMer” illegals, and shepherds Tom Cotton’s sensible RAISE Act into law. Then I hope he hires people from the former East Germany to make our border wall nice and high.
European governments rebuff the threats, bullying, and sly promises of the European Union. Let Poland and its allies in central Europe call the EU Commission’s bluff. Better to give up those subsidies from the center than surrender control over borders, abortion, the judiciary, and other crucial policy areas. I pray that a British government be formed that will manage a swift and irrevocable Brexit.
Okay, but what else should we hope and pray for in 2018? I can’t speak for all Stream readers, and won’t pretend to try. But the following is my personal wish list for the next 12 months. It’s not complete, nor are my reasons for each unpacked in comprehensive detail. But these are the things I’ll be “praying on” for the next twelve months. Feel free to join me!

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