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Abolish Amazon?

Jeff Bezos 2014
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By: Mike Miller – redstate.com – June 29, 2020

On today’s episode of “The Twilight Zone,” activists on Sunday set up a guillotine in front of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s Washington, D.C. home, and demanded that Amazon be “abolished.”


By whom? And which is worse, being “canceled,” or being “abolished”? This is whole thing is getting very confusing.

In video shot by Drew Hernandez, host of the hit web show “Lives Matter”, one of the protesters can be heard over a bullhorn: “When they become threatened, and we have no voice, the knives come out.”

Who is “they” and who is “we”? And what about those “knives coming out”? Although the guillotine does add a certain panache to the protest.

In a previous tweet, Hernandez posted an image of the group’s makeshift protest sign, which read: “Support our poor communities not our wealthy men.”

The fringe group, which refers to itself as “Abolish the Present Reconstruct Our Future”, on Saturday advertised the event on its Twitter account — splashy graphics included: “It’s an uprising, and we’re taking it to our neighbor @JeffBezos’ house #dcprotest.



Amazon works directly with police to surveil us, stoking racist fears in the name of profit. Doubling down on their union busting and mistreatment of workers, Amazon fired and racially slandered labor organizer Chris Smalls. Join us to tell Bezos enough is enough!




The tweet referenced former Amazon employee Chris Smalls, who was fired from the company earlier this year after organizing an Amazon employee walkout of a New York warehouse over workplace conditions during the Wuhan virus pandemic.

Whether Smalls was justly fired — or not — is not the question.

In the minds of the radical Left, Smalls’s dismissal provides more than enough reason to abolish from the face of the earth a company with more than 750,000 employees worldwide, that has also created nearly 900 thousand jobs outside of the company, as a result of its third-party sellers Amazon Marketplace.

The real question is, when will the insanity stop? Or perhaps even more ominous, where will it end? Where is it leading us?

Incidentally, Drew Hernandez was a busy guy over the weekend.

As we reported on Sunday, Hernandez also filmed a Black Lives Matter mob as it entered a D.C. area Target store, which it threatened to “shut down” if employees don’t “stop calling the police” on “black people.” He later filmed the mob marching through a suburban neighborhood, chanting “no-cop zone.”

Meanwhile, stay tuned, folks — it’s only Monday.

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Source: ‘Abolish the Present’: Activists Set up Guillotine in Front of Bezos Home — Demand End of Amazon