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Abortion Clinics Don’t Care About the Mother

Abortion Clinic
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When Tina was 28, she was in a long-term committed relationship and building a career. Then, unexpectedly, she found herself pregnant. When she chose to have an abortion, a decision she regrets to this day, she learned, in her words, that “the pro-choice movement cares very little about the mother.”

“When I and my boyfriend of about 2 years at that point found out we were pregnant,” she said,  “it wasn’t because we didn’t use protection. We had used a condom and plan B because the condom broke. But I still got pregnant. I was 28 years old and he was 25. An unplanned pregnancy is never easy, and he tried to be supportive and strong, but really he was just a kid who didn’t have his life together and I knew I couldn’t raise the child alone. So we looked into adoption and keeping the baby, and then abortion. The pregnancy took a toll on my body and health. I wasn’t able to take the medication I needed to take, and it was very difficult being pregnant and off those medications. Abortion seemed like the best option, especially after (my boyfriend’s) mother called me and convinced me … or rather pushed me into it.” Read More

Source: Amelia Hamilton, https://stream.org