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Abortion Industry’s Hypocrisy

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As it closed a controversial term last week, the Supreme Court signaled a readiness to hear its first abortion case since 2007. Five justices agreed to halt temporarily the enforcement of a Texas law mandating health and safety standards for abortion facilities. Abortion-industry lawyers will next formally ask the Court to review a lower court’s ruling upholding the law, and their request will almost certainly be granted.

Motivated by a choice not to comply with the same standards currently applied to other outpatient surgical procedures, the abortion industry instead manufactured a claim that the law would force most of Texas’s 19 abortion clinics to close. Refusing to adhere to widely accepted health and safety standards should not form the basis for a viable legal claim, as the lower court held.

Abortion advocates have filed multiple lawsuits against recently enacted state abortion laws, arguing that these laws must be invalidated because they will put abortion providers out of business. The abortion industry falsely contends that these laws will unjustly deny women adequate access to abortion in their home states. In reality, laws protecting maternal health . . . Read More

Source: Denise M. Burke, http://www.nationalreview.com