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Adults Brought Depravity

Biden squints and points
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By: Matt Vespa – townhall.com December 19, 2023

When Joe Biden was inaugurated in January 2021 in a COVID-safe ceremony that no one watched, we were told that America was back and that the adults were back in charge. Like his presidency, it was a marinated lie. There are no adults—there is a nursing staff because Joe Biden doesn’t know he’s president half the time. The funny part is that Democrats’ arrogance centered on Biden being the anti-Trump, which could then work itself out with minimal work. The world was set ablaze with the Taliban retaking Afghanistan and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, only to be capped off with Hamas’ brutal terror attack against Israel on October 7, which sparked the latest war in Gaza.

Biden has no idea how to handle these crises, and that’s just on the foreign policy front. Domestically, we’re a wreck. And no, I’m not discussing the long-discussed inflationary policies, the looming real estate collapse, or the overall economic torpor that’s engulfed the nation. I’m talking about the Sodom and Gomorrah antics that have infested DC since this man took over residency at 1600 Penn.

I’d rather be a pillar of salt than what I had to watch over the weekend.

We had a gay sex fiasco reportedly in Hart Senate Office Building Room 216, where an aide to Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) filmed his tryst with another man some two weeks ago.

This wasn’t a one-off incident: the aide had been warned to tone down the content of his social media posts, but Cardin’s office went ahead and promoted him. The iceberg was visible, and the S.S. Cardin decided to go full steam ahead. The aide was fired hours after the video was made public last Friday. Like Kevin Spacey, the staffer tried to play the victim—it didn’t work. Now, we’re waiting to see if criminal trespassing charges will be filed since this incident was an unauthorized use of the location. It’s noteworthy because the charges are not too dissimilar to the ones slapped on the hundreds of January 6 defendants who are being charged and convicted, being handed down years in jail.

In the White House, someone brought cocaine into the official residence of the president, and no one knows who did it. For all the sophisticated surveillance technology entrusted with keeping the leader of the free world safe, this was an investigation that baffled the Secret Service. It’s the caper of the century: someone brought cocaine into the West Wing and got away with it. There was an ongoing joke that it belonged to Hunter Biden, who has been indicted on gun and tax evasion charges.

And last, we had a bunch of trans folks flash their fake breasts on the White House lawn. Rose Montoya has been banned due to this stunt, but the damage is done.

Is this the adults being in charge: cocaine in the White House, transgender breasts, and gay sex in Senate hearing rooms? Not that it would happen, but could you imagine the media reaction if Biden were a Republican or if any of this nonsense occurred under Trump?

Forget the latter two stories; the cocaine catastrophe would lead to months-long news cycles about how Trump might be a coke addict.

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Source: The ‘Adults’ Brought Absolute Depravity With Them