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Advise and Consent versus Search and Destroy

Kavanaugh - angry statement
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By: T. LaDuke – redstate.com – September 27, 2018

What a show.

Now that is not a really great thing to say about a hearing for the Supreme Court in any way shape or form. Yet that is where we are and today is a telling moment in the history of the United States of America.

The hearing today to let Professor Ford testify about an alleged incident she claims happened with Judge Brett Kavanaugh in 1982 about sexual assault was aired out in the Senate Judiciary Committee and Ford was the first to testify.

As my colleague, Streiff wrote earlier recapping this Christine Ford’s Testimony Was Long On Emoting And Lacking In Facts And Consistency

The one thing that is clear is that nothing in Ford’s testimony is going to change any minds. If you found her credible yesterday, then she was credible today. If you found her story preposterous yesterday, you found it even more so today.

Ford came across as calm, rational and most importantly not crazy. This was the big test right off the bat. She needed to seem normal and she did.

Yet she brought nothing new to the table.

When Sen. Dick Durbin asked what percentage Ford was certain who assaulted her was Kavanaugh she responded ” “One hundred percent,”

She still could not answer the questions how she got to the party, how she got home and where in the hell was it. The GOP prosecutor brought in just for this part of the hearing, Rachel Mitchell, did not press on this point after Ford’s opening statement and she was wise not to do so. You can’t recall this part but you are 100% certain it is Kavanaugh?

She also in her super secret letter to Dianne Feinstein mentioned three other people that were at the party that could verify parts of the story. Then it was four people. Maybe eight. The ones that gave sworn testimony to the Judiciary Committee all denied it. Even her friend Leyland Keyser denied that she was ever at a party like that and she had never met Kavanaugh.

Ford answered that question from Mitchell rather oddly.

Sean Davis✔
Mitchell: Why did everyone you named as witness, including your best female friend Leland Keyser, say she had no memory of anything you alleged.
Ford: She has health issues and needs to take care of herself.
1:10 PM – Sep 27, 2018

She has health issues? You know with friends like this….

This reconfirms my belief that Ford never wanted this to go public. She gave names she thought would never go public and when this letter miraculously got leaked by someone in the Senate (looking at you Dianne Feinstein’s staff) the wheels started to come off of Ford’s story. She is the only person who says this happened yet her backups are no backups at all.

Doesn’t make her a liar but it also leads to no proof in any way shape or form. One person out of five can’t recall a party that this horrible thing happened at?

After Professor Ford was done, Judge Kavanaugh was sworn in and he was ready, firing on all cylinders.

As reported in the Washington Examiner…

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh ripped his Senate confirmation process as a “circus” that has led to smears and threats against his family, and said the Senate effort to investigate sexual assault claims against him has become a “national disgrace.”

“This confirmation process has become a national disgrace,” Kavanaugh said during his opening statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“The Constitution gives the Senate an important role in the confirmation process. But you have replaced advise and consent with search and destroy,” he continued.

Kavanaugh was incredibly emotional at times and very combative at first with the Democratic Senators and rightly so. The 10 people on that committee have pretty much called him everything but a child molester and if we give the Dems another 5 or 6 days I bet they can come up with one of those stories out of thin air. While I know it is not protocoled, it was refreshing as hell to see someone that has been savaged get to push back on some of these jackwagons.

Then there was Lindsey Graham.

Who knew that Sen. Graham was the “Hero we need not the hero we deserve” He lights the room up with the video below and it is worth all 4 minutes and 30 seconds to watch it over and over again.

So what does this all mean?

The GOP conference will meet tonight to see if they have the votes to push this forward. The Senate Judiciary Committee has a vote scheduled for tomorrow morning and Senators have been told to expect to work the weekend.

How the vote goes from here is anyone’s guess.

We started the day with uncorroborated allegations and we end the day the same. Judge Kavanaugh has had a 25-year career in public life with not even a hint of ANY impropriety. He has been a respected lawyer, jurist, and mentor. The whole record is there.

One unsubstantiated allegation no matter how nice the person making it should not derail a person’s career and life in this country.

The Senate should do the right thing and confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court.

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Source: Kavanaugh: “You Have Replaced Advise and Consent With Search and Destroy”