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Anita Hill – Sexual Misconduct

Anita Hill
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By: Penny Nance – usatoday.com – December 20, 2017

Aspiring actresses and Hollywood career women may have cheered when they heard show biz execs tapped Anita Hill to lead a commission examining issues of sexual misconduct and inequality in the entertainment industry. As a former victim of an actual physical attack and attempted rape more than 20 years ago, all I can say is, “I deeply wish this was truly a win for women.”

Besides the obvious problem of Hollywood bigwigs choosing to politicize this problem, the deeper issue is that Hill is not the advocate women need, especially in an industry that is led by many clearly hypocritical men. The women of Hollywood may have grown up learning about Hill as a heroine, but as we’ve come — all too painfully — to learn, academia and media have painted a picture of her over the past quarter-century that is divorced from reality.

She could have stood up for women who were being sexually mistreated by a powerful man. Instead, she defended him and cast doubt on his accusers.


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Source: Hollywood deserves a better hero than Anita Hill