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Atlanta Stands for Kelvin Cochran

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Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran spent his life answering the call, and yesterday, hundreds of Georgians returned the favor. The city’s 34-year squad veteran was inspired by the show of support at the Atlanta Capitol yesterday, where people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and political parties stood alongside Cochran in protest of his outrageous firing. Like the sportscasters, educators, athletes, small businesses, wedding vendors, firefighters, and others who dare to think outside the far-Left box, Cochran was a victim of the same intolerance his Mayor claims to oppose.

The former Obama appointee, who had a long and distinguished record, finally had the opportunity to tell his side of the story at Tuesday’s rally. And, like so many before him, nothing but fierce hostility toward Christianity was at its heart. To a room full of reporters, Cochran made it clear: “I was fired for having the audacity to believe that sex was created for procreation and should be in the bonds of holy matrimony between and a man and woman.” Read_More_button

Source: Tony Perkins, frc.org