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Battleground State Polls

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CNN Polls: Trump Besting Clinton in Ohio; 2 Battlegrounds Hotly Contested

Donald Trump has a 4-point lead over Hillary Clinton in Ohio, and the nominees are locked in tightly contested races in 2 other battleground states, according to the latest CNN/ORC polls released Monday.

The results of likely voters:

  • Trump: 48 percent;
  • Clinton: 44 percent;
  • Gary Johnson/Jill Stein: 10 percent.


  • Clinton: 46 percent;
  • Trump: 44 percent;
  • Gary Johnson/Jill Stein: 9 percent.

North Carolina:

  • Clinton: 48 percent;
  • Trump: 47 percent;
  • Gary Johnson/Jill Stein: 5 percent.

Ohio breaks from Nevada and North Carolina in 2 distinct ways — women voters and college-educated whites.

In Ohio, Clinton holds a narrow overall lead among women but trails Trump by 14 points with married women, 54 percent to 40 percent.

Meanwhile, Clinton owns 15- and 11-point leads with women in both Nevada and North Carolina, including married women.

In Ohio, Clinton leads with college-educated whites by just 4 points.

Whereas, in Nevada, Clinton has an 8-point lead and in North Carolina a 22-point lead with college-educated whites.

Mitt Romney defeated Barack Obama among college-educated whites in all 3 of these states in 2012, according to CNN.

The CNN/ORC polls were conducted from Oct. 10-15. In Nevada, interviews were conducted with 1,006 adults, including 862 registered voters and 698 likely voters. In North Carolina, the 1,025 adults interviewed included 929 registered voters and 788 likely voters. And in Ohio, interviews with 1,009 adults included 890 registered voters and 774 likely voters.

Results for likely voters in each state have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points, it is 3.5 points for registered voters in Nevada and Ohio, and 3 points for registered voters in North Carolina.

Source: Mark Swanson , newsmax.com