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Ben Carson Finally Gets an Apology

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In 2013, Dr. Ben Carson made the egregious sin of stating the marriage was between a man and a woman. That comment put him in the same category as the KKK and neo-Nazi activists, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which included Carson on their “Extremist Watch List” as “anti-LGBT.”

Now, the SPLC has acknowledged that that decision may have been a bit ‘extreme’ and has offered Carson a long overdue apology:
“In October 2014, we posted an ‘Extremist File’ of Dr. Ben Carson. This week, as we’ve come under intense criticism for doing so, we’ve reviewed our profile and have concluded that it did not meet our standards, so we have taken it down and apologize to Dr. Carson for having posted it.”

Some of Carson’s highly criticized remarks came from his book America: The Beautiful:
[I]f we can redefine marriage as between two men or two women or any other way based on social pressures as opposed to between a man and a woman, we will continue to redefine it in any way that we wish, which is a slippery slope with a disastrous ending, as witnessed in the dramatic fall of the Roman Empire.”Read_More_button

Source: Cortney O’Brien, townhall.com