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Black Lives Matter Cost Black Lives

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The problem is so bad that even the New York Times is taking notice. There is, in fact, a sudden, sharp rise in murders in major American cities. The chart below is sobering:

Rising Murder Rates in Big Cities

That’s a total of 330 additional murders, year-to-date, in just ten cities — with the three biggest percentage increases taking place in cities rocked by recent policing scandals. What’s different about this year? Why — after years of declining or stagnant crime rates — are more men dying in the streets? According to the Times, the “experts” have some rather unconvincing ideas.

In Chicago, the police superintendent predictably says it’s the “abundance of guns.” In New Orleans, the superintendent blames a “culture of violence.” In St. Louis, a homicide commander blames the fact that “more young people are settling their disputes, including one started on Facebook, with guns.” But with each excuse, the Times fails to provide any evidence of either a flood of new guns into the city or a dramatic culture change in just one year’s time.


Source: David French, http://www.nationalreview.com




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