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Book Excerpt: ‘LOVE THY BODY,’ by Nancy R. Pearcey

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By: Nancy Pearcey – cnsnews.com – January 26, 2018

In “LOVE THY BODY,” best-selling author Nancy R. Pearcey challenges the rise of politically correct social constructs that pose as liberation but are harmful to the human person, while setting us up for control by an all-powerful political state.

“LOVE THY BODY,” published January 2, provides real-world solutions to a dehumanizing hostility to the body that characterizes the secularist approach to abortion, assisted suicide, same-sex “marriage,” transgenderism, and so on.

The following excerpt from “LOVE THY BODY” uncovers the link between the personal and the political—how a secular ideology denies the relevance of biology and thereby alienates us from our bodies and render human beings “easier to manipulate and control.” Human freedom begins at home. Now, more than ever, says Pearcey, love thy body.


Human life and sexuality have become the watershed moral issues of our age. Every day, the twenty-four-hour news cycle chronicles the advance of a secular moral revolution in areas such as sexuality, abortion, assisted suicide, homosexuality, and transgenderism. The new secular orthodoxy is being imposed through virtually all the major social institutions: academia, media, public schools, Hollywood, private corporations, and the law.

It is easy to get caught up in the latest controversy or breaking news story. But current events are merely surface effects, like waves on the ocean. The real action happens below the surface, at the level of worldviews. These are like the tectonic plates whose movements cause the roiling surface waves. In “Love Thy Body,” we will move beyond click-bait headlines and trendy slogans to uncover the worldview that drives the secular ethic. By learning the core principles of this worldview, you will be able to engage intelligently and compassionately on all of today’s most controversial moral challenges.

As a former agnostic, I give an insider’s road map to postmodern moral theories, showing how they devalue the human being and destroy human rights. …

Every forward movement of the secular moral revolution is hailed as an advance for freedom from the oppressive moral rules of the past. But in reality, every step empowers the state by destroying pre-political rights.

The rapid expansion of state power began with abortion. In the past, the law recognized personhood as a pre-existing reality, something that followed metaphysically on being biologically human. The law merely recognized it as a prior fact. But the only way the state could legalize abortion was to deny the relevance of biology and declare that some biological humans are not persons. The state has taken on itself the authority to decide which humans qualify for the status of personhood, defined in terms of mental abilities—the capacity to think, feel, and desire. The same reasoning is being applied to euthanasia and assisted suicide as well.

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Source: Book Excerpt: ‘LOVE THY BODY,’ by Nancy R. Pearcey