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You can't shovel snow for pay without a license!

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This is truly unbelievable. What do kids do in the Northeast after a big storm? Well, they go door to door and offer to shovel their neighbors driveway. It’s the winter version of the lemonade stand. But – OF COURSE- progressive regulations have found a way to undermine this time honored tradition.

Matt Molinari and Eric Schnepf, 18 year olds from New Jersey, were handing out fliers promoting their snow shoveling service when they were told by police to stop. The young entreprenuers were told that anyone selling a service door-to-door needed to apply for a license at $450, which was good for 180 days.
Before they were stopped, the two managed to get five jobs.
“We help some people out and get whatever they’re willing to pay,” Eric said.
Glenn, of course, found the whole thing to be absurd.
“What is happening to us?” Glenn said.
“Can I be the one to bring it up? Chris Christie for president. Let’s do it. Let’s get that guy in there. Let’s do it. He’s only had two terms to fix that one,” Stu joked.Read_More_button
Source: glennbeck.com