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Court asked to rule Clinton emails involved ‘misconduct’

Hillary Clinton
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Election 2016 is over, and the losing candidate, Democrat Hillary Clinton, is free to wind up her campaign apparatus and take on other personal ventures.

But her email scandal, which played a major role in the election battle, isn’t going away anytime soon.

The newest legal move by Judicial Watch, which was at the center of exposing the emails from the beginning, is asking a court to rule that the State Department should release withheld emails because they pertain to government “misconduct.”

The organization confirmed this week in a lawsuit that dates back to 2015 that it is asking a federal court to reject State Department secrecy claims “over certain Clinton email-related document on the grounds that the documents relate to government misconduct.”

There are about 30 known emails being withheld for various reasons, including “deliberative process” and “work product.”

Source: Court asked to rule Clinton emails involved ‘misconduct’