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Court Smacked Down Obama Immigration

Can Texas show that it would be harmed by amnesty? Hell yes!

Once again, President Obama’s unlawful amnesty push has suffered a legal blow, this time from a higher court. Yesterday the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the Obama administration’s request to lift a district-court injunction against its DACA and DAPA amnesty programs. The programs will now be kept frozen until a full hearing on the merits can be held. Because it will be well into campaign season by the time this takes place, the immigration issue should again play a prominent role in this coming cycle.

Crucially for immigration-enforcement advocates, the Fifth Circuit smacked down the president’s attorneys for arguing that Texas had no “legal standing” to challenge the president’s amnesty programs. Although obtaining standing to challenge the non-enforcement of our immigration laws has been a perennial problem for the public, Texas did a masterly job of structuring and arguing its case.Read More

Source: Ian Smith, www.nationalreview.com

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