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COVID-19: Church vs. State? – from 1st Liberty

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By: 1st Liberty Staff – firstliberty.org – March 19, 2020

We are in the midst of global pandemic. And as a result, our federal, state, and local officials have responded by posing restrictions on the number of people that can gather in one place-in some areas the limit is as few as 10 people. Restaurants, coffee houses, and movie theaters have all been shut down. From professional basketball players to little league baseballers, their seasons have been canceled or postponed. And for people of faith, these government-imposed restrictions hit particularly close to home as our places of worship now stand empty.

While many leaders of churches and other religious leaders are worried that these state-mandated restrictions violate religious liberty, they don’t have to be. This isn’t the first time that a pandemic has impacted our lives from the way we live to the way we worship. We have been through this before.

Below in the link, you will find a special message from Kelly Shackelford, a brief history of the impact of pandemics on religious freedom, and our latest free resource. To see the resources, click this link: Guidance for Churches and Religious Institutions.

Source: COVID-19: Church vs. State? | First Liberty