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Crime Rate and Prisons

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Astronomically low crime rates may be one of the greatest public policy triumphs in history. All this time, liberals have been lying in wait, dying to undo all the accomplishments of the last 20 years.

A quarter century of peace has lulled ordinary people into taking their safety for granted. They naturally assume that everyone regards it as a good thing that people are able to go about their lives without being raped, beaten, slashed or murdered.

They don’t know liberals. I’ve been warning you since 2001 that, as soon as we left the room, liberals would start emptying the prisons and loosing predators on us again.

The stunning crime reduction of the last couple of decades is being called a “public policy disaster” from every news outlet — even the news outlets currently being looted in Baltimore.

Last week, The New York Times’ Andrew Rosenthal praised Hillary Clinton, saying she had “correctly identified this country’s racist incarceration policies as a wrong that must be righted.”

The New York Times’ working assumption is that the only way to judge the criminal justice system is to ask if Al Sharpton is unhappy.  Read More

Source: Ann Coulter, www.humanevents.com