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Dan Celia: Mr. President, Why Aren’t You Talking About the National Debt?

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By: Pat O’Toole – financialissues.org – May 21, 2018

PHILADELPHIA—President Donald Trump and his pro-growth policies have transformed the American economy, but there is more to talk about than growth, such as the national debt.

Nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia is calling on the president to address national debt and, in fact, is surveying other Americans about whether they agree. Celia discusses economic news on his daily, three-hour “Financial Issues” program, heard on about 650 television and radio stations nationwide.

“As I’ve been saying since January, we’ve made some great strides in reducing debt,” Celia said. “We haven’t made any strides in the president talking about it. There are many good things to talk about in the economy, and he has been addressing these, but he’s not talking about the reductions that have been made in the national debt. Mr. President, people want to hear what you’re doing about the national debt. And shoring up your base and having some sort of chance of winning another election depends on it. The average American cares far more about what you’re doing about the national debt than they care about the stock market going up. They do care about jobs, that’s important. I know you’re focusing on some of the accomplishments of your administration, but why are you discounting the enormous accomplishment of reducing the debt and maybe even shrinking the size of the government overall? That accomplishment plays directly to your base—and no one is talking about it. That will go a long way for your popularity and for voting in 2020.”

According to the survey on the Financial Issues website—which asks the question “Do you think Trump emphasizing the decrease in the national debt would help in the upcoming elections?”—more than 90 percent have responded “yes.” Between early May and late June, 28 states have primary elections.


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