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Dan Crenshaw Takes on Border Funding Deniers

Rep Dan Crenshaw
By: Sister Toldjah – – June 27, 2019

After six months of fighting, the demagoguery, the lies, and the obscene amount of virtue signaling from Democrats like AOC and several presidential candidates over the border crisis, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) took to the Twitter machine Thursday morning to drop a MOAB on funding deniers and their obtuse apologists in a series of tweets.

Crenshaw started out on his official House Twitter account by using a video clip to note that President Obama had a very similar position on the illegal immigration issue that the Trump administration has now. “What’s changed?” he asked, rhetorically:

Rep. Dan Crenshaw 

He then pointed out that what little Congress has done over the last several years hasn’t been enough, that “people are dying”, and that things must change now:

Rep. Dan Crenshaw 
Our good intentions have led to flawed immigration policies that encourage migrants to take a dangerous journey, and allow human trafficking to thrive.
Conditions at the border are unacceptable. People are dying. We have to change this. Our system is bad for everyone involved.

Later, he retweeted a series of comments from GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on how House Dems kept blocking attempts at border funding. McCarthy wrapped up by saying there was no other conclusion to draw other than that House Democrats were just playing politics on the border crisis rather than being genuinely interested in trying to resolve the issue.
Here are McCarthy’s tweets for context – Crenshaw’s response is below them:
Kevin McCarthy ✔

Kevin McCarthy ✔
80th time ← Democrats blocked @RepMikeJohnson
81st time ← Democrats blocked @RepArmstrongND
The Senate passed this bill 84-8. ← BIPARTISAN. If Senators Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, and Dianne Feinstein voted yes, why are House Democrats just playing politics?
11:56 AM – Jun 27, 2019

Rep. Dan Crenshaw 
I hope Americans understand the truth about the political games being played by House Democrats. 

He’s right. It’s been utterly appalling to watch House and Senate Democrats play political games on the border issue for the last several months, first denying there was a crisis at the border and then all of a sudden saying there was and that it was Trump’s fault when things got progressively worse. It’s been even more maddening that the mainstream media has allowed them to get away with their duplicity.

Later in the day, after the news broke that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had caved on the funding bill, Never Trumper Jennifer Rubin tweeted out this absurd hot take on Pelosi’s actions:

To see the remainder of this article and read the tweets by Jennifer Rubi and Dan Crenshaw’s response, click read more.

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Source: Mic Drop: Dan Crenshaw Takes on Border Funding Deniers, NeverTrumper Jen Rubin – and Crushes It

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