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Freight-Rail Crisis and Pete Buttigieg

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg
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By: Jim Geraghty – nationalreview.com – September 14, 2022

I had my doubts that having Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg in the office back in October 2021 would have made much of a difference in the supply-chain crisis that bedeviled the country in the fall and winter. I contended that the more uncomfortable fact for the administration was that Buttigieg was out on paternity leave for two months and no one noticed.

But U.S. secretaries of transportation are a bit like brake lines, offensive lines, and power lines — you only pay much attention to them when they don’t work. And a year after massive backlogs at U.S. ports, the …

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Source: Say, Wouldn’t the Looming Freight-Rail Crisis Be a Job for the Secretary of Transportation? | National Review

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