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Future Attacks on Supreme Court

SCOTUS Supreme Court Building twilight
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By: Katie Pavlich – townhall.com December 22, 2023

This week, leftists on the Colorado Supreme Court did something absolutely insane. In a 4-3 vote, it was determined former President Donald Trump, the current frontrunner of the Republican Party and President Joe Biden’s top political opponent, will not be on the 2024 presidential ballot. Citing “insurrection” – something Trump hasn’t been charged with or convicted of – the court, not the voters, will determine the outcome of the race.

“Colorado Supreme Court, by a vote of 4-3, beclowns itself and its state. SCOTUS should move quickly to reverse this idiocy. The politicization of courts at all levels is greatly damaging to the rule of law. It should be a 9-0 reversal and it should be quick,” law professor and conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt reacted.

A shocking move, even by today’s standards. The side that’s been screaming about “protecting democracy” is removing their top political rival from the ballot — which is third-world, country-ending stuff.

But this isn’t happening in a vacuum. Instead, the Colorado decision is part of a broader play by Democrats in their long war against the U.S. Supreme Court.

CREW, the group that brought the case to Colorado courts in the first place, is a leftist dark money machine dedicated to tearing down U.S. institutions. Then, it takes them over by placing anti-American progressives, who believe in destroying the U.S. Constitution by treating it as a “living document,” in powerful positions. Its goal is to use the Supreme Court as a political tool that rubber stamps the left’s agenda, not as an interpreter of the country’s foundational law.

As predicted, former President Donald Trump’s legal team is appealing the decision to the Supreme Court.

If the justices do not rule unanimously 9-0 that the Colorado Supreme Court decision is outrageous partisanship masquerading as law, the left will riot. Classifications that the Supreme Court is the “Trump Court,” and therefore, illegitimate, will only become more solidified. Dangerous Democrats like Senators Sheldon Whitehouse, Dick Durbin and Congressman Adam Schiff will ramp up their demands to pack the Supreme Court. Heck, Schiff is fundraising off of promises to do it.

“After Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump conspired to stack the Court with three far-right justices, the result for our country has been disastrous,” Schiff states. “That’s why I’ve led the efforts to pass legislation to expand the Supreme Court and institute term limits and a code of ethics, so that the open corruption we’ve suffered from does not continue. That’s what I’ll fight for in the U.S. Senate, where California’s next Senator will be responsible for casting votes to confirm or deny Supreme Court justices. If you can spare $3 or more ahead of my FEC deadline to help in this fight, I’m personally asking you to chip in right now.”

For years, Durbin and Whitehouse have led the charge to dismantle the Supreme Court by repeatedly attacking it from the Senate Judiciary Committee. Their charade of “ethics reform,” which includes issuing subpoenas and witch hunts against only conservative justices and their friends, is their latest effort.

“This is no coincidence. The Democrats are relentlessly smearing Clarence Thomas through their media and Senate hearings. And the campaign to force him to recuse himself from the outrageous Smith motion to the Supreme Court to bypass the appellate court on the immunity issue is part of the plan,” constitutional scholar Mark Levin notes. “This is a full-on attack on our legal system – from the bottom up. Democrat lawyers and law firms, a radicalized DOJ and its prosecutors, Democrat-appointed and Never Trump judges, left-wing Democrat politicians, and the corrupt Democrat media are all in. They’re pursuing Trump as aggressively as they’re protecting Joe Biden. Will the Supreme Court uphold the law and the Constitution, or will it fall under the weight of these diabolical people schemes?”

Brace yourself for another round of raucous protests and scheming to intimidate Supreme Court rulings if a split decision is made to strike down the Colorado opinion. Not because it’s the “Trump Court,” but because the decision to remove Trump from the ballot is an unconstitutional, actual threat to democracy.

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Source: Get Ready for Another Barrage of Leftist Attacks on the Supreme Court