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Human Dignity Misapplied


Yesterday I ruefully reflected that most of my worst fears are coming true. The rich, powerful, vindictive and media-savvy LGBT lobby is throwing its weight around. It’s trying to force Christian schools to hire public sinners engaged in public scandals. Namely, those legally committed to the deadly sin of Sodom, by the words of a same-sex “marriage.”

Humans, Dignified? Which Ones Did You Have in Mind?

But even bullies usually have a cover story. If bystanders believe them, they’re more likely to get away with their thuggishness.

And that’s the problem. The story these people are selling proves persuasive to far too many shallowly educated members of our self-designated elites. That fact became clear in a recent case in Britain, that of disability assessor Dr. David Mackereth. He lost his job of 26 years with that country’s National Health Service. Why? For refusing to use “transgender” language, and call a man “Ms.” The Christian Post reports on the case:


Source: ‘Human Dignity’: A Bible Scrap, Used as a Pagan Spell | The Stream

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Flattening the Curve

Flattening the Curve