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Lesson on the Slave Trade

Don Lemon at WHCA dinner
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By: Dan McLaughlin – nationalreview.com – September 20, 2022

There is a hilariously large gulf between what progressive TV commentators think they know about history and what they actually know. On occasion, they make the mistake of engaging publicly with somebody who knows what she’s talking about. Don Lemon of CNN offered a textbook example. He decided to ask British commentator Hilary Fordwich a mealy-mouthed question about those who see the wealth of the royal family and ask “for reparations for colonialism.” Characteristically, this was framed in terms of other, unnamed peoples’ raising “legitimate concerns.” Lemon wasn’t even willing to make the argument himself: He just assumed that one …

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Source: Don Lemon Gets a History Lesson on the Slave Trade | National Review