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Loots Like a Thug

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Dozens of stores have burned and many more jobs have been lost in the wake of urban street violence in Baltimore.

City Hall maintains the crimes were committed not by criminals – but by misguided youth.

And now there is word that nearly half of those arrested were released — no charges filed.

Now what kind of a message does that send to the good people of Baltimore?

What kind of message does that send to the business owners whose shops were looted and burned?

And what about the nearly 100 police officers who were sent to the hospital – pelted with chunks of cement – and projectiles embedded with glass?

They were told to stand down.

Orders given by City Hall – that’s what sources tell Fox News.

Orders handed down no doubt – by the same city officials who apologized for calling the rampaging mob a bunch of thugs.

Well, in my estimation if it loots like a thug — it’s a thug.

Source: Todd Starnes, www.radio.foxnews.com