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Manning, Marching, and Madness

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Soon-to-be-Former (hooray!) President Obama made history this week. He became the first President in history to commute the prison sentence of a fictitious person who was never convicted of a crime. PFC Bradley Manning sits in a cell at Leavenworth, convicted of espionage. But according to all the news reports on the story, Obama has decided to let Chelsea Manning out of prison in May. Neat trick, eh?

Our compliant, brainless media churns out the loony propaganda all day long. Manning is consistently referred to as “she” in media reports. They call him Chelsea now, and talk about “her,” and how this will certainly save “her life.” Take this, for example, from Fox News: “Manning was known as Bradley Manning at the time of her 2010 arrest, but revealed after being convicted of espionage that she identifies as a woman.”

“Her arrest”? “She” was never arrested. Chelsea Manning was never convicted of a crime, because Chelsea Manning was never a soldier in the U.S. Army. Chelsea Manning is not serving a sentence for espionage. Bradley Manning is. Can we all come back to the real world now? Bradley Manning is the man who betrayed his country and broke the law and now sits in prison where he belongs. Bradley Manning is not a woman. He is not a “she.” I couldn’t care less if he “identifies” as a radish or a seahorse or a comic book character. He’s still a man. Stop insulting the female sex by referring to him as a woman and calling him “her” and “she.”
Fools and Tyrants

Stop with the insanity. It is every bit as absurd to call him a woman as it would be to call him a radish. Enough already with this obsession with delusion and this infatuation with the magical power of a person’s claimed “identity,” no matter how objectively false.

The polite word for someone who is willingly hoodwinked into believing and then preaching absolute nonsense is fool. A better word is sucker. Moron. Bonehead.

People will either live and act and speak rationally, honestly and plainly, or they will surrender to lies and madness and chaos.

The word for people who spread the absolute nonsense under threat and penalty, who mandate the acceptance of the absolute nonsense and punish any resistance is tyrant.

American society is officially captive to fools and tyrants. If you bristle at that assessment, if you find it harsh or intolerant, then I’d say your froggy self doesn’t realize the nice warm water you’re floating in will soon be boiling. There is no making friends with insanity. There’s no sunny middle ground where rationality and madness can picnic together.

People will either live and act and speak rationally, honestly and plainly, or they will surrender to lies and madness and chaos. It doesn’t matter if the present palate spits out objective truth in favor of popular delusions. Truth is still truth, and it will never peacefully coexist with deceit.
The (Some) Women’s March

Then there’s the Women’s March on Washington. The reports this week confirmed what we already knew, which is that this Women’s March is only for liberal, secular, progressive, Left-loyal, pro-abortion women. Women like me are not welcome. (“Women” like Bradly Manning, however, would be greeted with open arms and cheers.)

This march has taken the official position that feminism means the “right” of a woman to kill the child in her womb if she so desires. The women behind this march insist that the very essence of feminism is and must be bloodlust for our own babies.

Well, listen up, girls.

Your version of feminism is twisted and thoroughly demonic, and like all things demonic, it holds no affection for you, no regard for your happiness, and will show no restraint in consuming you after you’ve fed it your children. Sow death and you’ll reap death.

Modern “feminism” is an unappealing, self-defeating exercise. It resembles nothing feminine; nothing womanly; nothing healthy, whole or loving at all.

The time is over when we teach our daughters that being a free woman means our babies must die at our hands. No longer will we accept the lie that we have absolute authority over another human being’s life, merely because we are women. We will not raise another generation to turn their wombs into places of execution, and sell their bodies and souls to a greedy, self-serving industry built around violence.

The minds of young women have been poisoned for too long with the lie that the child in their womb is the enemy of their future, the thief of their own happiness, and a jailer to imprison them. Motherhood has been disfigured into a tiresome, lonely, hopeless thing that provokes fear, dread and pity.

And let’s not forget the damage done to men and fatherhood. Modern women are unquestionably a stupid lot. Liberal feminists have complained about men, belittled, and insulted men for decades, then have the nerve to whine when men turn around and fulfill all of women’s worst expectations. They lost all respect for men, and unsurprisingly, men began walking away.

There is nothing in all creation more amazing, more beautiful, more powerful than the complementarity of a man and a woman.

Modern “feminism” is an unappealing, self-defeating exercise. It resembles nothing feminine; nothing womanly; nothing healthy, whole or loving at all. In my lifetime, I’ve seen it become a man-hating, child-fearing, marriage-killing, motherhood-denigrating, Pill-popping, abortion-worshiping cult of fools and tyrants. No thanks. I’m happy to sit this march out.

In fact, forget feminism. It’s time for a bigger vision. We need an authentic humanism. The human person is created male and female, in the image and likeness of God. Different by design. Equal in dignity. Divine in union. There is nothing in all creation more amazing, more beautiful, more powerful than the complementarity of a man and a woman.

That needs to be the next American revolution. Let men be men, and women be women, without requiring one to do all the same things the other does. (Exhale, everyone. It’s okay.)

Nobody knows what “zir” or “genderqueer” even means because the words are gibberish. Stop speaking gibberish. A male is a male is a male, and never a female shall he be. Call the madness what it is.

Finally, let’s call the “choice” what it is. Our age in history is distinguished by our zeal for the legal right to kill our own children. To h*** with that! The child in the womb demands our protection, and women deserve far, far better than abortion. God bless the tireless souls who are marching for that.

Source: Jennifer Hartline, stream.org

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