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Obama’s Quest for Power at America’s Expense

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Greenpeace International is seeking help from President Obama during the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change meeting in Lima, Peru that concludes on December 12. Greenpeace wants him to “lead the international community to a strong, legally binding climate agreement.” After all, he made the commitment last November 12, in Beijing, China to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 28% below 2005 levels by 2025…”regardless of approval by the Republican Congress.”

The Greenpeace Energy Revolution states that America’s “fair share” is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 39% from 2005 levels by 2025–even more devastating than Obama’s unilateral 28%.

NONE of these actions will prevent the climate from changing, which is mostly affected by sun activity, ocean currents and winds that no one can control. But “science” is not at the core of UNFCCC negotiations; politics is and has been since I began attending its meetings in 1997 in Kyoto, Japan.

The UN’s “science” originates with the International Panel on Climate Change which does no scientific research. It gleans from researchers, then presents its own conclusions that call for a total phase-out of fossil fuel use by 2050, as well as a massive wealth transfer from rich to poor countries.


Source: Cathie Adams, http://www.eagleforum.org




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