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People Can Stop Mass Shootings

By: David French - nationalreview.com - February 15, 2018
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By: David French – nationalreview.com – February 15, 2018

In mass shootings, evidence of mental-health problems, aberrant behavior, or political radicalization is so common that the absence of such evidence is odd.

The United States is facing a puzzling paradox. Even as gun crime has plunged precipitously from the terrible highs of the early 1990s, mass shootings have increased. Consider this: 15 of the 20 worst mass shootings in U.S. history have occurred since the Columbine school shooting in 1999. The five worst have all occurred since 2007, and three of those five were in 2016 and 2017. It’s horrifying, and governmental solutions are hard to find. Twitter’s fondest wishes to the contrary, the unique characteristics of mass shootings mean that they often escape the reach of public policy. The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler (hardly an NRA apologist) famously fact-checked Marco Rubio’s assertion that new gun laws wouldn’t have prevented any recent mass shootings and declared it true. Time and again, existing laws failed, or no proposed new gun-control law would have prevented the purchase.

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Source: New Gun Laws Won’t Stop Mass Shootings. People Can.