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Planned Parenthood and Prenatal Care

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When I first took my two aged, beloved beagles to the incompetent veterinarian, I didn’t make much of the fact that his practice adjoined an ethnic butcher shop. Once he’d muddled the diagnosis of both dogs, left one untreated for a kidney infection till he lost all bladder control, and tried to pressure me into a useless, dangerous surgery on the other, I made a mental connection: Maybe they’re really both the same business. No wonder the chopped meat’s so cheap …

Why should poor American women go to Planned Parenthood, which sells body parts of babies for profit, for prenatal or other health care? It turns out that they mostly don’t, since they can’t.

What if the business had shared a name and a banner, such as Acme Veterinary Hospital and Quality Meats? Would you get your pet care — or ground “beef” — from such an establishment?

So why should American women go to Planned Parenthood, which sells body parts of babies for profit, for prenatal or other health care? It turns out that they mostly don’t, since they can’t. The dogged undercover journalists of Live Action — who exposed Planned Parenthood employees colluding in concealing child sex trafficking — decided to fact-check the rhetoric that Planned Parenthood and its backers use as smokescreen for their highly profitable, taxpayer subsidized abortion business.

What they found is both shocking and utterly unsurprising.

“Live Action contacted all 41 Planned Parenthood affiliates where undercover recording is permitted by state law, and only 5 facilities out of 97 said they provided prenatal care,” Live Action reports. Here’s the video documenting their investigation:

Planned Parenthood’s own numbers show that it performs less than two percent of U.S. women’s cancer screenings, zero mammograms, and offers virtually no prenatal care for women who want to keep their babies. Its solution for helping women to adopt instead of abort is to tell them to search for adoption services on the Internet. Yet, Planned Parenthood has the largest market share of any abortion chain in the country at over 30 percent.

Here’s another video from Live Action, exploding the Planned Parenthood talking point which claims that abortion accounts for only “3 percent” of its services:

But at Congressional hearings, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards was forced to admit under questioning that (apart from government funding) her organization makes 86 percent of its money from abortions.

It’s obvious why Planned Parenthood trumpets the skimpy, non-abortion services which some of its locations do provide. They’re like the articles in the old time Playboy magazine: a fig leaf for the enterprise that really brings in the money. Politicians who don’t want to admit that they’re voting to fund an abortion business that targets the urban, non-white poor pretend that instead they’re supporting “prenatal” and “reproductive health care” for “underserved communities.”
Call Your Congressman

If the Trump administration and other Republicans keep their promise to defund Planned Parenthood, fake news stories will fill the air like gnats, pretending that this organization is something more than the KFC of abortion and baby parts. Get ready to contact your representatives, and tell them you know the real story behind Planned Parenthood. Ask them questions like these:

Why would pregnant women go for prenatal care to an organization that specializes in killing babies, then selling their body parts to medical labs?
Why would we trust government grants to serve poor, minority communities to an organization that was founded by white eugenicists with ties to Nazi doctors? (For massive documentation of this, watch this powerful expose by black civil rights activists.)
Why should we expect poor American women to get health care from an organization that helped enforce China’s brutal one-child policy, which included millions of forced abortions, which targeted baby girls?

If you wouldn’t take your pets to a butcher shop for health care, don’t send poor American women to Planned Parenthood, either.

Source: John Zmirak, stream.org