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Reality Check for Women in Combat

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In 2013, the Obama Administration announced the President’s intent to repeal regulations exempting military women from direct ground combat units such as the infantry. The Marine Corps dutifully began a multi-phased research program to determine whether women could meet male physical standards. Two and a half years later, reality is setting in.

Since 2012, 29 female Marine officers tried but did not succeed on the Infantry Officer Course. Only four survived beyond the first day on the course, which involves extraordinarily tough challenges that prepare men to lead others into battle.

More than 90 female volunteers did succeed on the less-demanding infantry course for enlisted personnel, but the Marines had to suspend an experimental requirement of three pull-ups in boot camp because 55% of the female enlistees could not meet that minimum standard.

Marine proxy strength test results in 2013, which the Center for Military Readiness analyzed in an Interim Special Report, confirmed wide gender-related disparities. Field experiments and Ranger training tests are underway, but unease continues to grow. In an official Army survey, 92.5% of women said they would not serve in the combat arms.

Meanwhile, the British Ministry of Defence has produced a 29-page Review Paper, which presents specific data and findings exposing the negative consequences of co-ed combat. The document, recently analyzed by CMR, explicitly defines what infantry, armor, artillery and Special Operations Forces actually do when they “close with and kill the enemy.” Read More

Source: Elaine Donnelly, www.breitbart.com