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Resilient Christian Faith Depends on Level of Passion for Jesus

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Teen Mania Ministries founder and author of new book Resilient, Ron Luce, said the reason why so many people’s faith falls apart after a crisis is because they aren’t passionate followers of Christ.

Luce likened passionate Christians to fans of a beloved band in a recent interview with The Christian Post. “Someone might ask how do you follow Him? I don’t see Him. How do you follow a band you never met personally? Well you know their songs, you google them, if you’re a stalker you find out about their family, how they wrote songs? How they started as a band. Well what if we google Jesus? What if we stalked Jesus? What if we knew more of Jesus’ lyrics than our favorite band’s lyrics?”

The problem with most Christians, Luce said, is they are merely posing as passionate Jesus followers.

He described, “If someone comes up and says, ‘oh, that’s my favorite band,’ and your talking (and you say), ‘oh what do you think about this song,’ and (they say), ‘Oh I don’t really know that song,’ and that’s their most famous song, you’d tell them you’re not a follower; you’re a poser, you’re a pretender and I’m afraid we have too many people like that in church.” Read_More_button

Source: Stephanie Samuel, christianpost.com