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San Francisco State Proves the Point

Riley Gaines, a former NCAA swimmer
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By: Madeleine Kearns – nationalreview.com – 

Riley Gaines, a former NCAA swimmer, who has risen to fame as a critic of transgender sports policies, was recently ambushed by trans activists while speaking on campus at San Francisco State University.

Video footage shows activists hurling abuse at Gaines as security escorts her into a classroom. They barricaded inside for three hours until police arrived and restored order.

Gaines was physically assaulted “multiple times by a guy in a dress.”

As I wrote about Kellie Jay Keen, the English women’s rights activist nearly crushed by a mob in New Zealand, the violence and aggression of these (often male) protesters in response to women trying to exercise their freedom of speech help prove the point that women need female-only spaces.

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Source: The Attack on Riley Gaines Proves a Point | National Review