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Shelene’s Story

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Shelene Bryan was a Hollywood producer but she freely admits, “My lens back then was severely limited.” Like many good Americans, she and her husband, Brice, signed up to support two children in Africa for $50 a month. As far as Shelene Bryan knew, they were supporting child # GBB 8348 and child # GBA 8453.

But curiosity got the better of her. Shelene had this burning need to find out if GBB 8348 and GBA 8453 really existed, and if their money was really getting to these two children. So Shelene hopped on a plane and flew to Uganda – unannounced. She found her way to a village named Gaba, near Lake Victoria, and said, “Hi, I’m from America and I’m looking for these two children.” She showed the local lady the pictures and the numbers. As the woman stared at the pictures, Shelene started to wonder what on earth she was doing in the middle of Africa alone. But then the gracious woman said, “Sure. Follow me.” Read_More_button

Source: skip1.org