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State of the Union Address

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Cybersecurity and Internet access will be themes in the coming week as President Barack Obama highlights the agenda he will be emphasizing in his State of the Union address.

Obama will meet with congressional leaders from both parties Tuesday to “discuss a wide range of issues including places where he hopes we can work together to grow the economy and protect our national security,” a White House official told CNN.

This comes just after the House of Representatives voted to approve the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, but its fate is uncertain in the Senate. The White House has promised a veto of that measure if it reaches the President’s desk.

On Monday, the President will visit the Federal Trade Commission, where he will lay out proposals and executive action on identity theft, Internet privacy and technology in schools, the official said.

Next week, Obama will speak about the government’s efforts to work with the private sector on cybersecurity and will travel to Iowa, where he will focus on increasing access to high-speed broadband across the country.  Read_More_button

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