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Stop Pretending Women Can’t Point Out Birth Control’s Negative Effects

Pop culture tells women their empowerment and freedom comes from unlimited access to birth control and abortion. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Since Donald Trump was elected president, the internet has erupted with frenzied panic over women’s issues—especially birth control and abortion. This past week, the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy sponsored a #ThxBirthControl campaign. And thanks to promotion from groups like Planned Parenthood, the hashtag has been one of the most highly trending topics on Twitter and Facebook.

The unwarranted frenzy over the belief that Trump will take away birth control indicates how attached to birth control my generation is. Many #ThxBirthControl tweets fail to engage some important realities about birth control, abortion, and women.

As a millennial woman living in New York City, I disagree with this all-too-common contention. Birth control does not guarantee my freedom—I already have the freedom to make empowering choices. I work in publicity for a major record label, and a career in the music industry was something I always wanted. I have generations of feminists (not birth control) to thank for the fact that I have been able to pursue my dreams.

Source: Stop Pretending Women Can’t Point Out Birth Control’s Negative Effects

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