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Sync or Swim Book Review

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Gary Chapman, Paul White and Harold Myra have written a modern fable called Sync or Swim (2014). It illustrates how to change a toxic work environment to a positive work environment, using the five love languages of relationship from Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages, and insights from their 2013 jointly authored book Rising Above A Toxic Workplace. They dedicate Sync or Swim “to all those determined to help their teams pull together when the storms hit” (Gary Chapman, Paul White and Harold Myra, Sync or Swim, Northfield Publishers, 2014, p. 5).

All the characters of the fable are animals, delightfully chosen and stereotyped with the very traits that call forth the need for redeeming a toxic work environment. Humans remember fables, and the proof of that truth is in the second section of the book, where the authors cite leaders’ responses to the fable from their own experience. They not only identified with the characters but recounted similar incidences in their own work environments. The truths in Sync or Swim are actually basic and fairly self-evident, but obviously counter-intuitive, so the insights will be redemptive and healing.

Source: Dr. Mary Lou Codman-WilsonRead_More_button, marylousreviews.blogspot.com