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The Left and Absolute Sexual Freedom

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C.S. Lewis wrote in 1952 that “perversions of the sex instinct are numerous, hard to cure, and frightful.”

The good Oxford don did not live to see the times we now live in, times in which progressive extremists can state a straight face that actually there are no sexual perversions – times in which even the long-held taboos against pedophilia and incest are falling like dominoes.

The evidence that in the name of absolute sexual freedom, traditional taboos are no longer to be honored is everywhere.  While sexual perversion has always existed, it has never been as widely tolerated and even promoted as it is today.

Examples abound – too many to cite.

But there is the case of the teenage girl who has decided to marry her dad and move to New Jersey, where incest, she stated, is legal.

Then there is the recent exposure of a sex ring devoted to procurement of underage girls for the enjoyment of the world’s richest and most powerful – yet another example of the complete wreckage of sexual ethics.  Luminaries such as Bill Clinton and England’s Prince Andrew are among those accused of secretly cavorting with teenage girls procured by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

The above is to say nothing of Hollywood’s elite’s sick interest in promoting and practicing pedophilia – or the recent scandal in Rotherham, England involving the farming out of underage children for sex to mostly Pakistani Muslims.  Authorities turned a blind eye for fear of being considered “racist.”

Nor did the popular author live to see the day in which elite priests of leftist orthodoxy proclaim that not only is there no unacceptable expression of the sex drive, but there also are no definitive categories of gender.  There is, the far left proclaims, no such thing as “he” or “she.”  Sexual identity and behavior are infinitely malleable and are defined by individual preference, not by moral or physical realities.  You may look like a man but prefer to be a woman.  By self-proclaimed fiat, you can become a woman.

Source: Fay Foshell, www.americanthinker.com