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Time for Kasich and Carson to go?

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Being a Christian candidate for president means far more than advocating for life, religious liberty, and the family. It means far more than sharing your faith on campaign stops and calling on Americans to welcome God into the public square. And it means far more than doling out hugs and the vaguest inspirational bromides as you go. It means being humble and self-aware enough to know when your own vanity is hurting the country.

Two of the GOP’s most overtly Christian candidates — John Kasich and Ben Carson — are failing that test, sublimating the good of the party and potentially the nation to their own egos.

Let’s review some brutal facts. After three contests, Kasich has a grand total of five delegates. Ben Carson has three. The best showing either candidate has mustered is Kasich’s 15.8 percent in New Hampshire, where he lost to Donald Trump by 20 points despite a massive investment of time and campaign resources. Carson is yet to get even a 10-percent share of the vote in any primary.

The polls suggest neither man will do any better in the weeks ahead. Kasich is trailing behind Trump even in his home state of Ohio, and Carson doesn’t register higher than 10 percent in any recently released poll. The relentless logic of electoral momentum and delegate math spells their doom. Rationally, neither man could argue he has a chance at the nomination.

Yet both Kasich and Carson persist, running campaigns that aren’t just hopeless but destructive. Though they can’t win the nomination, they are collectively polling well enough to split the anti-Trump vote, denying Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz enough support to seriously challenge the race’s appalling front-runner.

And here’s the ultimate irony — these pro-life Christian candidates can do nothing by staying in the race except help a biblically illiterate, thrice-divorced, proud philanderer hurtle ever closer to the nomination. Every vote they take from Cruz or Rubio is a vote toward embracing Planned Parenthood and cozying up to Vladimir Putin. It’s a vote away from sensible judicial nominations or a rational foreign policy. And it’s a vote toward the potential destruction of a Republican Party that — for all its faults — is America’s last political hope of protecting life, religious liberty, and national security.


Source: David French, http://www.nationalreview.com