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True Love Project

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New Curriculum With Emphasis on Abstinence and God’s Redemption Following Sexual Sin

The True Love Waits movement, known for spreading the message of sexual purity among young adults, has launched a new resource featuring a video-driven Bible study designed to encourage teenagers to pursue God through abstinence.

The eight-session curriculum, “True Love Project,” not only teaches the importance of purity but it also calls on the next generation of students to understand their sexuality in light of the Gospel.

“The ultimate goal in life should be more than simply being a virgin on your wedding day. It should be to belong to Jesus on Judgment Day,” Clayton King, who wrote the program along with his wife, Sharie, told The Christian Post.

Included in the curriculum, designed to be taught by churches to their youth groups, are DVD teaching segments to help facilitate group discussions. Furthermore, the project features video testimonies by Christian leaders such as author and YouTube star Jeff Bethke, megachurch pastor Perry Noble and more. Read_More_button
Source: Jessica Martinez, CP Reporter, christianpost.com