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Trump’s Inauguration Speech

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President-elect Donald Trump says he will write the first draft of his inaugural speech all by himself — and is studying the addresses of Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan for inspiration.

Several visitors to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach told The Washington Post that Trump plans to use “Reagan’s ‘style’ and Kennedy’s articulation of grand national ambitions” in the speech he’ll deliver after being sworn in as the nation’s 45th commander in chief on Jan. 20.

“He went on and on about Reagan and how much he admires him. But it wasn’t all about Reagan. He spoke about Kennedy and how he was able to get the country motivated, to go to the moon,” one person told the Post.

“He’s thinking about both men as he starts to write the speech, which is something he’s now taking the lead on.”

Trump made his remarks during a private luncheon with Newsmax Media chief executive Christopher Ruddy, presidential historian Douglas Brinkley, Bloomberg columnist Margaret Carlson and Democratic lobbyist Thomas Quinn, according to the Post.

In an interview with CNN, Brinkley said:

“I think he’s starting to get in the zone that we’re looking at how this inaugural is going to be watched, and he’s going to put a lot of effort into it.”

That includes wanting to write the inaugural by himself, according to Brinkley, who added that Trump doesn’t want his address “to be long. He would like it to be a shorter one. He doesn’t want people standing out in the cold.”

Brinkley, author of “Rightful Heritage: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Land of America,” said Trump also mentioned to him “Nixon and Reagan and Kennedy … a sort of history of the presidency and past inaugurals and things like that” and how “other inaugurations have been.”

He added: “I’m expecting a great address … that talks to Americans about dreaming big, about making sure that we are a city on a hill one more time.”

Source: Bill Hoffmann, newsmax.com